Development of TAXIPP 0.3

Motivation: This projects aims at developing a new version of IPP micro-simulation model TAXIPP, in order improve its flexibility and efficiency.

Project: The project consists in recasting the model from its last version (TAXIPP 0.2). A first step is about restructuring the model, allowing independence between the matching process in early steps, the simulation of tax and benefit systems and a final step of checks against aggregate sources. The idea is to be able to use simulation blocks of the tax and benefit system independently in other micro-simulation models under development at IPP. This reshuffling will then allow developing more flexible use of the model, for instance varying the unit of observation chosen (individual, household or tax unit) or the simulation of various counterfactuals of the tax and benefit system. Finally, this new version will improve the simulation of elements of the tax and benefit system still undeveloped in earlier versions.

Researchers: Antoine Bozio, Alexis Eidelman, Jonathan Goupille, Malka Guillot, Quentin Lafféter, Marianne Tenand


Le modèle de micro-simulation TAXIPP – Version 0.3

> Appendices: access the IPP tax and benefit tables

Authors: Antoine Bozio, Malka Guillot, Quentin Lafféter, Marianne Tenand