IPP Report n°23 - June 2019

What guidelines for a defined-benefit pension system?

IPP Report n°23 – June 2019

Authors : Antoine Bozio, Simon Rabaté, Audrey Rain and Maxime Tô

Contacts: antoine.bozio@ipp.eu ; simon.rabate@ipp.eu ; maxime.to@ipp.eu ; audrey.rain@ipp.eu

Main Funder: Department for Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DREES) of the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health


This study aims to simulate a points-based pension system, in light of the reform in preparation for the introduction of a universal points system.

The objective of this report is to define the operating rules for the system. In particular, what are the golden rules that should be the subject of strong commitments by legislators to guarantee pension rights? To what extent can the guidelines be subject to more flexible decisions as the system develops?

The methodology of this work is based on a theoretical analysis and simulation of demographic and economic shocks in order to study the consequences of different operating rules for the sustainability of the system and the level of pensions. The aim is to subject the pension system to stress tests, similar to the bank stress tests simulated by central banks.

This report was the subject of the following synthesis: IPP Policy Brief n°43, “How should a points pension system be managed?”


logo-pdf-minWhat guidelines for a defined-benefit pension system?


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