(November 5-7) Follow the JECO 2019 conferences on live

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The Journées de l’Économie (Jéco), organized by the Foundation for the University of Lyon, offer keys to understand better the world around us. The main topics are discussed with economic lighting. For the twelfth edition, the debates and round tables of the Jéco 2019 will address the theme: « Environnement, numérique, société…. la décennie de tous les dangers».

On Thursday, November 7 at 11:00 am, Antoine Bozio, director of IPP, professor at PSE and associate professor at EHESS, will participate in the conference entitled « Retraites : la dernière réforme ? ».

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The French pension system has undergone several major reforms since 1993. They have put it on a path of financial equilibrium, but without simplifying its structure and without improving its legibility. There remained the great work of harmonization and simplification of the rules. Was this project essential? How does the move to a point system respond to these needs? Is there a guarantee that it will preserve what retirees and future pensioners are attached to: sufficiently high future rights, redistributive properties in line with the main principles of equity? How can the new system be driven? How to manage the transition? Is there a risk of giving too much weight to financial constraints, to the detriment of the social objective?

Follow the JECO 2019 conferences on live:

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