Budget 2020 – Supplementary material for the debate

Following the conference evaluating the 2020 Budget held on 15 October on the Jourdan Campus, the numerous press articles on the impacts of the budget policies are evidence of the interest in measuring precisely their effects.

In order to give everyone the opportunity to make the best of the data produced by the IPP’s assessment, we are publishing the detailed results, offering the most flexible use of the figures released on Tuesday.

We provide data on the income redistributive effects on the last ten millimes, by breaking down the lowest percentile on the income distribution spectrum into ten groups. These data are also given for the cumulative effects of the 2018 and 2019 Budgets before the emergence of the “yellow vest” movement, in order to visualise the changes brought about by the measures taken since last year’s Budget debate. We are also publishing information vital to understanding the impact of fiscal policies in absolute terms, as well as in terms of a percentage of initial disposable income.

These data are available in Excel form, for free re-use, as well as in PDF form, which contains the main graphic representations that can be produced from this information.

Details of the evaluation of the 2020 Budget (17 oct. 2019, pdf)

Data – Details of the evaluation of the 2020 Budget (17 oct. 2019, xls)

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