Oct 2016 – Policy brief of the CAE : What public policies for dependence ?

Antoine Bozio (1), director of the IPP, has just published a new policy brief of the CAE, entitled “What public policies for dependence ?”, jointly written by Agnès Gramain (University of Lorraine) and Cécile Martin (Caen academy).


“Public action towards dependents must reconcile partly contradictory objectives: improving the quality of deliveries, provide an effective and equitable coverage of risk of dependence, and control public spending.
The law of adaptation of society to aging entered into force on 1 January 2016, brings advances in the field. In this new policy brief of the CAE, the three authors, Antoine Bozio, Agnes Gramain and Cécile Martin, identify additional courses of action to diversify the supply of care, improve its regulation and reinforce the effectiveness of financing.”


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(1) Antoine Bozio, director of the IPP : reach his personal page

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