PENSIPP – dynamic micro-simulation model of the French pension system

pensipp-page-smallMotivation: The aim of the PENSIPP project is to develop a dynamic micro-simulation model of the French pension system allowing to model long term effects of actual or potential reforms of the pension system.

Project: PENSIPP is a dynamic micro-simulation model which rest on long panel administrative data on earnings from the Echantillon interregime des cotisants (EIC) matched with survey data from enquête Patrimoine (i.e. French Wealth survey). The model simulates all pension rights at all possible ages and can project earnings and pension in the long term. PENSIPP allows analysing the impact of current features of the French pension system while also simulating possible reforms that might be contemplated. It is linked to the TAXIPP-life model.

Partners: PENSIPP is being developed within a scientific partnership between the IPP and the French statistical office Insee, which has developed the model Destinie from which PENSIPP is partly inspired.

IPP researchers associated to this project: Didier Blanchet, Antoine Bozio, Simon Rabaté