Evaluation of an in-service teacher training on reading at preschool

« Evaluation of an in-service teacher training on reading at preschool (5 year olds) »

ipp-evaluation-lecture-visuelMotivation: The LECTURE program aims at improving the teaching skills of Kindergarten teachers by recommending a structured method to teach children to read. This method, conceived by the NGO “Agir pour l’Ecole”, brings together the best pedagogical practices set by the National Reading Panel in the United States. According to the main guidelines of this method, phonological development should start at an early age (around age five), teaching should be done in small groups, each child progress should be assessed on a regular basis, and the teaching content should be adapted to the progress made by the pupils.

The project: Implementing a structured method to teach reading in kindergarten in the French National Education Systems faces several challenges that go beyond the domains of cognitive psychology or educational sciences. This research will not only be instrumental in testing the effectiveness of the teaching method, it will also be concerned with the link between professional training and teachers’ practices and how teachers’ practices may influence students‘ progress. The evaluation will be based on a control group, carefully identified by the French national education services DEPP.

Researchers: Adrien Bouguen, Marc Gurgand (PSE) – Jean Ecalle (EMC -Université Lumière Lyon 2), Thierry Rocher (URSP) and Bruno Suchaut (DEPP)



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