Housing and regional development

The aims of the housing and regional development policies are to promote housing access for the poorest, home-ownership, spatial integration of underprivileged populations and local development. They are based on the implementation of schemes providing assistance to households, firms and local authorities. Public intervention around housing concerns the housing stock (building subsidy, public housing, etc.) as well as the occupiers (housing subsidies, interest-free loan, etc.). Regional development policies are based on the improvement of infrastructure (high-speed trains, Greater Paris, etc.) and incentives for local development (competitiveness clusters, urban tax-free zones, etc.).

IPP focus. IPP researchers work in particular on the impact of interest-free loans on residential mobility and home-ownership, the effects of housing subsidies and of school zoning on housing prices, the impact of urban tax-free zones on business start-ups and unemployment and the effects of transport infrastructure on business location and local development.

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Reforming French housing benefits

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Reforming French housing benefits

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