New tools to simulate the French tax and benefit system

Motivation: This project aims at developing a new microsimulation tool of the French tax and benefit system based on extensive administrative data. The underlying motivation is that good quality public debate in
modern democracies has to rely on open-source scientific expertise, allowing the wider public to evaluate impacts of possible reforms.

Il est urgent de « créer de meilleurs outils d’analyse du système socio-fiscal français », by Antoine Bozio and Yann Coatanlem (Le Monde, 20/01/2017)

Project: The project relies on previous versions of the TAXIPP model developed at IPP and consists in adapting the model to a number of administrative datasets. These data – with restricted access to vouched researchers – encompass tax data and data from social security administrations on benefit recipients. They provide more precise information than household surveys on the distribution of characteristics used in the computation of taxes and benefits, and hence offer the possibility for improved simulations of a number of reforms. The project will conduct statistical matching of the different data sources (through data fusion techniques) in order to obtain coherent distributions of the characteristics of the French population.

Funding: Club Praxis is an independent non-partisan think tank whose mission is to formulate and promote concrete policy reforms for France. To reach the Club Praxis website, follow this link.


IPP researchers associated to this project: Mahdi Ben Jelloul, Antoine Bozio, Sophie Cottet and Brice Fabre

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