Old-age Dependency and Long-Term Care Chair

ipp-fondation-m-alzheimer-illust-2015« Modelling long-term care at old age – Chair »

Chair being established

Motivation : The French live longer and longer in good health so far, but a stabilization of old-age loss of autonomy (dependency) is usually expected in the most recent projections. This project aims to analyze prospectively the evolution of old-age dependency prevalence and to study all the impacts associated with long-term care.

Project : The goal is to build a long-term care module into the dynamic “life cycle” microsimulation model of the Institut des politiques publiques, TAXIPP-LIFE. Old-age dependency risk will be computed from individuals’ characteristics. Old-age dependency will be measured with different validated assessment tools to overcome the actual administrative definition. The different form of long-term care will be modeled. In particular, the behavior of potential family caregivers will be addressed.

logo-fondation-m-alzheimer-ippFunding : This Old-age Dependency and Long-Term Care Chair is being established, and financed by Fondation Médéric Alzheimer. The Fondation Médéric Alzheimer is the first State-approved, public interest Foundation entirely dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease in France. Its primary objective is to promote social and psychosocial care initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of people with dementia and their carers. Since 1999, the Fondation has supported more than 400 local projects, 120 research projects, and has spent 21 million euros into its social missions.

The funding of this chair is also provided by Mutex and MutRé and La Banque Postale Prévoyance.


Researchers : Pierre-Yves Geoffard (PSE), Antoine Bozio (IPP), Mahdi Ben Jelloul (IPP), Marion Monnet (IPP), Lucile Romanello (IPP), Manuel Plisson (Fondation Médéric Alzheimer), Roméo Fontaine (University of Bourgogne and Fondation Médéric Alzheimer) and Marianne Tenand (IPP).


Conférence « Elderly Care in France and in Europe »

et table-ronde « La prise en charge de la dépendance en France »

18 avril 2019, 9h – 18h30, amphithéâtre, Campus Jourdan


Colloque de la Chaire Economie de la dépendance des personnes âgées

11 Décembre 2017, de 14h à 17h30 – Salle R2-21, Campus Jourdan.

L’objectif de ce colloque est de présenter les travaux réalisés par l’Institut des politiques publiques (IPP) avec l’appui scientifique de la Fondation Médéric Alzheimer (FMA) dans le cadre de la Chaire Économie de la dépendance des personnes âgées et de rassembler un panel d’experts, susceptibles de réagir à ces travaux.

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