Reforming family-related pension benefits

Motivation : The aim of this project is to analyse the family-related pension benefits within the French pension system and to simulate various policy changes using the dynamic micro-simulation model PENSIPP.

The project: Family-related pension benefits are quite important in the French pension system, both because of their amount and the type of redistribution operated, especially in direction of women. These benefits are however today under question as they are failing in part to achieve the objectives that were first assigned to them and they operate largely non-transparent redistribution. This project aims at providing clear evidence on the cost and redistributive impact of these benefits and in a second step at proposing various policy reforms allowing a better efficiency of these funds for their primary objectives.

Funding : French Ministry for Women’s Rights

IPP researchers associated to this project : Carole Bonnet, Antoine Bozio, Camille Landais and Simon Rabaté.


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