SIEL BLEU project – Fonds Danone pour l’Ecosystème


Motivation: The general motivation of the project is to evaluate the impact of workout programs dedicated to elderly people.

Project: This project aims at evaluating the workout programs offered by the social enterprise SIEL-BLEU to ageing residents in nursing homes, thanks to the Danone Fund for the Ecosystem. The project is based on a randomized experiment protocol. The objective is to evaluate the impact of the workout programs carried out by SIEL BLEU on the quality of life of residents in nursing houses, as well as on their physical and cognitive abilities. It also aims at evaluating the impact on the quality of life at work of the medical staff.

ipp-fonds-danone-siel-bleuFunding: The project is funded by the Fonds Danone pour l’Ecosystème (i.e. the Danone fund for the Ecosystem).

Researchers: The researchers involved in the project are Claudia Senik and Carine Milcent (PSE), Mathieu de Stampa (Hopital Sainte Perine) and Chloé Gerves (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique).