The Impact of Gender Diversity on Firm Performance

impact-feminisation-entreprises-ipp-juin-2015Motivation : Even if nowadays women study on average longer and are more qualified than men, they remain largely disadvantaged on the labor market: they usually have lower-pay jobs and are strongly under-represented among management. Giving women access to positions traditionally reserved to men appears as one of the main tools to foster gender equity on the labor market. An essential step in order to do so is to put an end to the stereotypes according to which some positions are better suited for men than for women. It is precisely the objective of this study, which intends to analyze the relationship between gender diversity and firms’ economic, financial and social performance.

Presentation of the project : Using data on French and British firms, this study offers a statistical analysis of the relationship between gender diversity within firms and their performance. The analysis is not limited to the economic and financial performance, but also includes the impact of gender diversity on a broad range of indicators related to the functioning of working teams, the quality of employment relations and employees’ well-being and trust towards their managers. Finally, the impact of gender diversity on female and male workers’ outcomes is studied separately.ministere-sante-droits-femmes-ipp

Funding : Ministère des affaires sociales, de la santé et des droits des femmes.

IPP Researcher associated with this project : Thomas Breda


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