Police and justice

Police and justice

Internal security policies aim to ensure national security and to combat delinquent and criminal behaviour, both upstream through prevention and downstream through repressive measures. They are based, in particular, on the recruitment, training and deployment of law enforcement officers, whose tasks and methods of intervention may vary according to territory or time.

Justice policies aim to guarantee access to the law and to justice. They are based in particular on the functioning of the courts, the introduction of different types and levels of sanctions and protective measures. These policies also contribute in part to the fight against crime and delinquency, not only downstream, through the introduction of sanctions designed to prevent recidivism and promote rehabilitation, but also upstream, through their deterrent effect.

Many policies in other areas, such as education, employment and urban policies, can also have an impact on crime and delinquency, feelings of insecurity and opportunities for reintegration after imprisonment. Projects under the Police-Justice theme will therefore have a strong cross-cutting dimension within the IPP.

Programme Director : Camille Hémet

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