TAXIPP-LIFE microsimulation model

Motivation: The objective is to study redistribution of the French tax and benefit system in a life-cycle perspective. Traditionally analyses of the tax and benefit system assess its redistribution impact on an annual base not taking into account within life variations in individual situations. This project aims at isolating pure redistribution over the life-cycle from insurance effects of the tax and benefit system.

Project: Using data of the French wealth survey (i.e. enquête Patrimoine) matched with administrative data, complete careers over the life-cycle are reconstructed. Others sources are also mobilized to add information on consumption, housing or health. Then, tax and benefits are simulated using the microsimulation model TAXIPP while pension entitlements are modeled using PENSIPP.

IPP researchers associated to this project: Alexis Eidelman, Antoine Bozio, Didier Blanchet, Béatrice Boutchenik, Simon Rabate.