ipp-baremes-retraitesThis document provides the legislation of the main pension schemes in France.

Legislative sources (reference of the laws, number of the decrees and of ministerial orders) as well as the date of issue in the Journal Officiel de la République Française (JOFR or JO) are systematically mentionned.

Free copy, dissemination and use, providing the citation of this source: “Barèmes IPP: retraites, Institut des politiques publiques, January 2018”logo-licence-ouverte-open-ipp-small4

Authors: Benjamin Belrhomari, Antoine Bozio, Sophie Cottet, Louise Paul-Delvaux et Simon Rabaté

Contacts: Antoine Bozio, Simon Rabaté

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Table of content

I. Private sector

A. Main pension scheme (i.e. “régime général” or CNAV)
1 Pension indexation
2 Reference wage indexation
3 Initial values for reference wage indexation
4 Earnings necessary for one quarter of insurance
5 Minimum pension age (“Age légal”)
6 Full rate age
7 Amont of the “minimum contributif”
8 Earning cap of the “minimum contributif”
9 Required contribution duration for full pension
10 Required contribution duration for full rate
11 Number of years taken into account in the reference wage
12 Penalty for early retirement
13 Pension bonus for later retirement

B. Complementary schemes
14 Point value ARRCO
15 Reference wage ARRCO
16 Penalty for early retirement ARRCO
17 Point value AGIRC
18 Reference wage AGIRC
19 Penalty for early retirement AGIRC
20 Point value ARRCO, UNIRS (1957-1998)
21 Reference wage ARRCO, UNIRS (1957-1998)
22 Point value ARRCO, PRO-BTP
23 Reference wage ARRCO, PRO-BTP
24 Minimum points guaranteed
25 Temporary penalties and bonuses

II. Public sector
26 Age limit – “sédentaire”
27 Age limit – “active”
28 Minimum pension age (“Age légal”) – “sédentaire”
29 Minimum pension age (“Age légal”) – “active”
30 Full rate age
31 Penalty for early retirement
32 Pension bonus for later retirement
33 Working life in the public sector for full pension
34 Required contribution duration for full rate
35 Point value IRCANTEC
36 Reference wage IRCANTEC
37 Point value RAFP

III. Self-employed
38 Number of years taken into account in the reference wage
39 Point value before 1973 – ORGANIC
40 Point value before 1973 – CANCAVA
41 Complementary scheme of self-employed : point value
42 Complementary scheme of self-employed : reference wage
43 Complementary scheme of craftmen : point value
44 Complementary scheme of craftmen : reference wage
45 Complementary scheme of storekeeper : point value
46 Complementary scheme of storekeeper : reference wage




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