Social benefits


The file below presents all the parameters necessary to compute French social benefits (child benefits, housing benefits and means-tested benefits), and which correspond to the parameters used in the micro-simulation model TAXIPP.

All legal references such as law and decrees are systematically indicated. The first row of the file (concealed) indicates the parameter names used in TAXIPP.

Free copy, dissemination and use, providing the citation of this source: “Barèmes IPP: prestations sociales, Institut des politiques publiques, January 2018”logo-licence-ouverte-open-ipp-small4

Authors: Antoine Bozio, Brice Fabre, Malka Guillot, Marion Monnet, Elsa Perdrix, Leila Fardeau and Marianne Tenand

ContactsMarion Monnet

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Table of content

I. Family allowances
1 Definition of dependants
2 Definition of a biactive couple
3 Monthly basis for the computation of family allowances (BMAF)

A. General benefits
4 Family allowances (AF) : General conditions and amount
5 Family allowances (AF): Thresholds for means-testing
6 Family allowances (AF) : Extra allowances
7 Family allowances (AF) : Extra allowances for oversea territories
8 Family allowances (AF) : Thresholds for means-testing
9 Compensatory payments of tax benefits (ICAF): Amount
10 Single earner allowance (ASU): Thresholds for means-testing
11 Single earner allowance (ASU) : Monthly amount
12 Child care costs allowance (AFG) : General conditions and amounts
13 Child care costs allowance (AFG) : Thresholds for means-testing
14 Allowance for stay-at-home-mother (AMF) : Thresholds for means-testing
15 Allowance for stay-at-home-mother (AMF) : Rates and monthly amounts
16 Allowance for stay-at-home-mother (AMF) : Extra allowances
17 Family complement (CF) : General conditions an amounts
18 Family complement (CF) : Extra allowances
19 Family complement (CF) : Thresholds for means-testing
20 Family complement (CF) : Thresholds for means-testing in oversea territories

B. Early childhood
21 Postnatal allowance (APN) : Rate and payment
22 Prenatal allowance (APrN) : Rate and paymenttaux et versement
23 Allowance for Young Children (APJE) : General conditions and amount
24 Allowance for Young Children (APJE) : Thresholds for means-testing
25 Adoption allowance (AA): General conditions and amours
26 Adoption allowance (AA): Thresholds for means-testing
27 Early childhood benefit (PAJE) – Basic allowance: conditions and amounts
28 Early childhood benefit (PAJE) –  Birth and adoption premium: conditions ad amounts
29 Early childhood benefit (PAJE): Thresholds for means-testing
30 Early childhood benefit (PAJE): Extra allowance for the choice of the type of care (CMG)
31 Early childhood benefit (PAJE): CMG thresholds for means-testing
32 Early childhood benefit (PAJE): Extra allowance for the choice of pursuing an activity (CLCA)
33 Early childhood benefit (PAJE)  Shared benefit for the child’s custody (PreParE)

C. Education et parental presence 
34 Back-to-school allowance (ARS): Age conditions of dependants
35 Back-to-school allowance (ARS): Amounts
36 Back-to-school allowance (ARS): Exceptionnal extra allowance
37 Back-to-school allowance (ARS): Thresholds for means-testing
38 Back-to-school allowance (ARS): Minimal amount
39 Parental leave allowance (APE): Conditions et amounts
40 Family support allowance (ASF): Amounts
41 Special education allowance (AES) : Conditions and amounts
42 Disabled-child education allowance (AEEH): Conditions and amounts
43 Parental presence allowance (APP) : Amounts
44 daily parental presence allowance (AJPP) : Amounts

D. Housing and living environment
45 Relocation allowance (PD): Rate and maximum amount
46 Loans to young household PJM): Thresholds for means-testing
47 Loans to young household (PJM): Amount of loans

II. Housing allowances
48 Definition of dependants
49 Parameters for new home-buyers and students residences
50 Parameters for R0 (the amount deducted from revenues) – rental sector (after the 2001 reform)
51 Parameters for new home-buyers (APL)
52 Annual ceiling of reimbursement for new homebuyers
53 Parameters for the rental sector (before the 2001 reform)
54 Parameters for the rental sector (after the 2001 reform)
55 Lump sum extra allowance for charges
56 Measure of rent for students living in university residences
57 Minimal amount

III. Solidarity and insertion

A. Social minima
58 Minimum insertion income (RMI) : General conditions
59 Minimum insertion income (RMI) : Basic amount
60 Minimum insertion income (RMI) : Extra allowance and minimal amount
61 Minimum insertion income (RMI) : Accomodation allowance
62 Single parent allowance (API): General conditions
63 Single parent allowance (API): Amounts
64 Single parent allowance (API): Accomodation allowance
65 Active solidarity income (RSA): General conditions
66 Active solidarity income (RSA): Basic amount
67 Active solidarity income (RSA): Extra allowance and minimal amount
68 Active solidarity income (RSA): accomodation allowance
69 Active solidarity income – Activity premium (PA): Amounts
70 Activity premium (PA) : accomodation allowance

B. Disability 
71 Adult disability allowance (AAH)
72 Additional adult disability allowance (CAAH)
73 Supplementary disability allowance (ASI): General conditions
74 Supplementary disability allowance (ASI): Amount

C. Long term care foe elderly 
75 Attendance allowance (PSD, 1997-2001)
76 Amount of makup for constant support to a third party (MTP)
77 Attendance allowance for individuals living at home (APA)
78 Attendance allowance for individuals living in a nursing home (APA)

D. Social minima for elderly 
79 Solidarity income for elderly (ASPA)
80 Alowance for elderly workers (AVTS)
81 Allowance for elderly workers (AVTS, 1941-1961)
82 Additive allowance for spouse care (amount)
83 Additive allowance for spouse care (income threashold)
84 Extra allowance (AS): Amount
85 Elderly insurance for stay-at-home parents (AVPF)

E. Other solidarity 
86 Temporary waiting allowance (ATA): Amounts
87 Asylum-seeker allowance (ADA): Amounts
88 Exceptional end-of-year benefit (AEFA): Amount




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