ipp-baremes-chomage-avril2014This document provides the legislation necessary to the computation of unemployment benefit (UI) and early retirement schemes in France. Legislative sources (reference of the laws, number of the decrees and of ministerial orders) as well as the date of issue in the Journal Officiel de la République Française (JOFR or JO) are systematically mentionned. These tax parameters are used in TAXIPP, the IPP micro-simulation model. The first (hidden) lign of each worksheet of the file indicates the names of the parameters used in TAXIPP.

Free copy, dissemination and use, providing the citation of this source: “Barèmes IPP: chômage, Institut des politiques publiques, January 2018”logo-licence-ouverte-open-ipp-small4

Authors: Mahdi Ben Jelloul, Antoine Bozio, Laura Khoury, Marion Monnet, Elsa Perdrix, Lucile Romanello, Maxime Tô and Audrey Rain

Contacts: Antoine Bozio, Marion Monnet

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(January 2018) .xls format, 170 Ko, 20 sheets


Table of content

I. Unemployment insurance (earnings related benefits)
1 UI scheme : lump-sum and minimum
2 UI scheme : rates and maximum
3 UI scheme (1958-1967)
4 UI scheme : degressive schedule
5 Indexation of UI benefits
6 Indexation of UI reference wage for older unemployed – above age 61 (1965-1973)
7 UI for long term unemployment (“Allocation de fin de droits”)
8 Special UI scheme for economic layoffs (1979-1983)
9 Special UI scheme

II. Unemployment benefits (means-tested)     
10 Public aid allowance (1967-1979)
11 Insertion allowance (AI)
12 Temporary waiting allowance (ATA)

III. Early retirement benefits    
13 Transitional solidarity allowance (ATS) (2011-2015)
14 Transitional solidarity premium (PTS)
15 Early retirement allowance (AER)
16 Minimum income guarantee (1972-1999)
17 Indexation of reference wage for FNE early retirement benefit
18 Minimum level of FNE-ARPE early retirement benefits





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