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ipp-solliciter-2015The Institut des politiques publiques (IPP) conducts analysis and evaluations in all fields of public policy (fiscal policy, pensions, employment, environment, health, etc.) by answering calls for proposals or by direct requests.

Companies, associations, parliaments, European institutions, social security institutions or professional federations: the broad range of rigorous methods, experience gained on many different data sources and a detailed knowledge of the current legislations allow our researchers to serve your needs for expertise.

What types of projects are we talking about?

Since its creation in 2012, the IPP has led numerous research contracts – always in strict scientific independence and in the context of a systematic publication of results. It is even a prerequisite shared by the main institutions conducting policy evaluations and detailed in a common compliance charter.

To meet the challenge of evaluation, the IPP can rely on a wide range of methods, mainly on the basis of statistical data.

Examples of research projects are:

Contact the directors of the IPP

Defining the scope of a project – what objectives? how long? what data are available? what are the costs? is an essential first step. Contact the directors of the IPP, all researchers in economics and working themselves on several research contracts:

Antoine Bozio, director of IPP –

Julien Grenet and Arne Uhlendorff, deputy directors – and

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