IPP’s funding is provided by both partner institutions (PSE – Paris School of Economics and CREST) as well as by research contracts awarded to researchers affiliated to the IPP. The financial contribution of the PSE is in line with the EUR – Paris Graduate School of Economics. Research on the evaluation of public policy in CREST is financed, partly by the Labex “ECODEC – Economics and Science of Decision: Regulating economics at the service of society“.

A non-partisan approach

Public policy pursues a number of objectives defined by citizens via the political system. Evaluation of public policy is conducted by the IPP in view of these multi-faceted political objectives. In that sense, the Institute stands for a non-partisan approach, respecting the fact that technical expertise cannot substitute for political objectives. Its role is to assist citizens in understanding public policy issues.


The IPP stands for strict scientific independence, as regards public as well as private funders. Consequently, all research results realised by the IPP are made public. A Common Chart of Ethics has been signed by AMSE, the IPP, the LIEPP (Sciences Po) and the TEPP (CNRS). Cette charte de déontologie commune est également disponible en français.

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